Friday, January 3, 2014

Lucas' First Day of Preschool

     Lucas started preschool back in September. He goes to school where Logan went. He also has Logan's teachers, Miss MaryK and Miss Cheryl! When we went to preview night they were both very excited to see Logan and have Lucas in their class! Lucas had just turned a year old when Logan started preschool.

     My administrators were kind enough to give me the day off so I could take Lucas and pick him up for his first day. When I woke the boys up, Lucas immediately got up and started stretching. He was so excited about his first day! 

     I had their breakfast they had requested the night before all ready for them! 

     Then we got dressed and ready for school. I took pictures of Luc, and he wanted to take pictures with Bubba too. 

    Lucas wanted then to hold their baby books and take a picture. 

     We took Logan to school first, and then went back home for about 45 minutes before it was Lucas' turn to go to school. He was so excited and kept asking if it was time yet. We took him in, he found his hook, and put up his backpack. He gave his teachers smelly markers to wish them a reMARKERable school year. 

     Then he found his seat, sat down, and started looking at his book. I hugged and kissed him goodbye and left holding back tears. 

      I cried the whole way home. Lucas was my last baby and he started school. I really struggled with it. I'm very sentimental and hate when they move to the next stage. I'm definitely not a moma who looks forward to her children growing up and leaving. 

     Lucas had an awesome first day. Miss MaryK and Miss Cheryl took excellent care if him like I knew they would. He loved school! He was also wore out and took a nap when he came home. 

     Then he was a moma's boy and snuggled with me most of the night. He was asking when he got to go back to school though. 

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