Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Failed Sleepover & Breakfast at MiMi's

     The boys were picked up by Papaw on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend. The idea was originally Logan's. But then he kept going back and forth about wanting to go. At the last minute he decided he would go. The house was so quiet and I was able to work through my Bible study and watch TV. But I really missed the boys. The quiet house was really hard.

     Before bed, I called to tell the boys goodnight. Logan was sobbing when he got on the phone because he wanted to come home. He NEVER does that. He usually wants to stay longer. The loss of our baby has been so hard on him. I told him I would come get him. He insisted Daddy come too, so I would be safe. It's a long drive to Weatherford.

     Lucas gets on the phone and says, "I want to stay. I'm having fun. Logan's sad. Leave me here." My thought was love and miss you too son. I assured him he could stay. We got dressed and headed out to Weatherford. 

     When we arrived, Luc was asleep. Logan was packed and ready to go. Justin started crying because he wanted to come with us. He packed a bag and got in the car with us. Before we made it out of the neighborhood, Justin changed his mind. I turned around and took him home. As we were pulling out of Grandma's driveway for the second time, Logan says, "Us children should choose more wish next time." At 10:30 at night, I couldn't have agreed more.

     Saturday morning, Gram took Logan and I to eat breakfast at MiMi's Cafe. It's our favorite breakfast place!!! I was having a really rough morning, so it was a good distraction for me. Logan ordered hot chocolate and the chocolate chip pancakes with bacon. We both loved the hot chocolate. I ordered the Bacon Apple Waffles. It's three petite waffles topped with cinnamon apples and chopped bacon with orange zest and syrup. They were amazing!!! The server told me it was small, so I ordered potatoes and bacon. The waffles were plenty enough on their own for me. Mom had the avocado BLT omelet with an orange cranberry muffin. The omelet is what I usually order. I love their muffins. While we were eating, Logan said we should go there again with our friend Mrs. Butts. We want to try to do that in the near future.

    I had been looking forward to time to myself, but letting the boys go was harder than I thought it would be. I hate that Logan was so upset, but I'm kinda glad he was with me this weekend. I'm so ready for my Luc to come home. We talked to him through FaceTime last night and his smile melted my heart. I love my boys!!!  

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