Monday, July 29, 2013

Yogi Bear Park

     Grandma and Papaw took us to Yogi Bear Park for the weekend. We stayed in one of the Homestead cabins. The boys loved it and had so much fun. 

      Friday we checked into our cabin and got settled. We went over to the Pirate Cove's Arcade and played games. Then we ate sandwiches before heading over to the Pirate's Cove water park. The boys splashed and slid down the slides. We played til pretty close to bedtime and the boys slept great! 

     Saturday we got up and ate breakfast casserole I made.  Then the boys tackled Yogi Bear's Tower of Power. Logan and Lucas rode the Bear Roll Train before heading down to the Ol' Swimmin Hole for a quick swim before the water park opened. We rented a cabana and played at the water park for a bit. Then we ate at the Pirate's Cove Grill. We played a couple of games of bowling.The boys rode around the park on the golf cart with Grandma and Papaw for a while. The boys rode the Firetruck ride and then got a sno cone. Lucas was on the back of the golf cart with his sno cone when Joshua went over a bump. Poor Lucas lost his sno cone. Grandma came to the rescue and gave him her's! We went back and did the Hey, Hey, Hey ride after the boys met Cindy Bear. We headed back to the water park and it started raining. The boys loved the water park in the rain! By the time they left, they had been the only ones there for quite a while so they had the run of the park. They came back and we ate poppyseed chicken casserole with fruit. Joshua and I had went back to the cabin so I could get dinner ready. We sat in the cabin and just listened to the rain. It was so peaceful. 

     Sunday morning we ate breakfast at the Pic-a-Nic Basket. Justin went swimming one last time while Logan and Lucas said the pledge with Yogi and took pictures with him. We also took pictures at several different areas around the park. We went back and packed and loaded up. We went to the arcade to cash in all their tickets and choose prizes. Finally we checked out and headed home. The boys are already talking about going back next summer!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Athens Adventure

     This year our vacation Bible school theme was an Athens Adventure. Instead of being divided by grade levels, we were divided into Oikios (family groups). Clara and I led the Colossae (red) group. Truthfully, Clara did it all, and I was mostly just crowd control.

     Each night we went to arena games where we trained to be Olympic athletes, Paul's Adventures where Paul shared with us his adventures from his second missionary journey, and the marketplace where we had our snack and chose two shops to visit. The last two nights of Bible school we also had a petting zoo. 

     One of the things the kids were encouraged to do was to be on the lookout for God sightings-things only God can do. That is something I want to encourage my boys to continue to do even now that VBS is over. Logan and Lucas enjoyed Bible school so much, and we are so thankful for the adults and students who volunteered their time to share Jesus with our boys!!! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Splash Dash

    Logan decided back in April he wanted to run a race like Mrs. Eddlemon, Mrs. Loftus, and our friends the Jeffries. So I discussed it with Leigh Ann (Mrs. Eddlemon), and she suggested we start with a one mile or 1K fun run.

      So I searched the Internet and came across the Splash Dash. I thought it would be perfect: a race where you get wet at the end of July when it's normally unbearable and close to home. I showed Logan pictures and he was excited, so I signed us up for the 1K fun run.

     We began training by running around our neighborhood. We had a minor setback when I twisted my ankle at the end of April. My ankle still gives me trouble off and on, but thankfully it's been great the last couple of weeks. 

     Logan and I saw several friends who were there to run the 5K. Joshua and Lucas came to cheer us on. 

     When the race starter yelled, "Ready! Get wet! Go!", Logan took off. He smoked me! He had never run like that with me before! He would occasionally look back and smile at me. He briefly slowed down to run through the big water pool, but then he was off again. He was in the first group of kids to cross the finish line, and he was waiting for me grinning ear to ear! In the picture below, a kid sprayed a water gun in my face right as Joshua took the picture. 

     After the race, the boys enjoyed a sno cone. Logan is already begging to do another race. He wants to do the 5K next time. I told him we would start training for it and see how it goes. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Celebrating Uncle Josh's Birthday

     My family came over for dinner and to celebrate my brother's birthday. My mom fried chicken and I made mashed potatoes and corn per his request. I baked a milk chocolate cake with milk chocolate frosting. I'm doing a healthy challenge right now, and it was so hard to resist the fried chicken and birthday cake, but I did!  We made a little movie snack bag for my brother. He loved it. The boys had Uncle Josh chasing them all of the house, and they fought over who got to sit in his lap. They love Uncle Josh so much! I can't believe my baby brother is 25!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Family Reunion

     This weekend my family stayed at a lake house in Lake Buchanan in Benton, TX. We played games and hung out visiting. Uncle Josh took the boys on a hike around the lake. We also celebrated all the July and August birthdays. The boys had a blast!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rainy Sunday

     We started our Sunday at sunny Lake Buchanan, and then drove into rain as we came home from my family reunion. We brought Grammie home with us; the boys are so excited to have her back! We've had a lazy Sunday just laying around watching movies since we arrived home. Thankful for this cool, rainy day!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Busy, Fun Thursday

     Today was a busy, fun day. The boys and I went to church this morning for ladies' Bible study. We're doing Kay Arthur's Precept study on the book of Titus and I'm loving it. The boys played with Miss Stephanie while I was in Bible study.

      Then we ran home and picked up our swimming gear and headed to Nanny's (their godmother) house for a lunch/swim date with our friend Sunny and her girls. Nanny's pool is completely shaded so it was so nice. It wasn't too hot at all. The boys played hard and had so much fun with Josie. Lucas passed out on the way home. 

     We came home, rested awhile, and ate dinner before Logan's tball game. His game was at 7:30. There was cloud cover and a nice, cool breeze. It was the perfect night for baseball! Logan had good, solid hits and made some good plays. Tonight, he played first and second base. He has improved so much. He's already asking to play again. 

     We're finally home for the night and settled. Everyone should sleep really well tonight. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dinosaur Tracks!

     This morning we went grocery shopping at Kroger. We were walking past the macaroni when Lucas yells, "Look! Dinosaur tracks! Dinosaurs like Monsters Inc macaroni too!". He was so excited! It was too cute.

A Rare Treat

     Yesterday, we did not go to church because the boys have been running phantom fever since last Monday. They were fever free for 24 hours on Saturday morning, but Lucas started again late Saturday afternoon and Logan started again last night.

     Since we did not go to church, I did something I never do on Sunday mornings. I made pancakes and sausage. Then we sat down together and ate. It was a beautiful thing! 

      That never happens around here on Sunday mornings because it's fifty shades of crazy as we get ready for church. The boys were not in the picture taking mood, and I didn't want to ruin the peaceful moment because it was pure bliss. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Logan's Big Game

     Logan had a great tball game today! He went up to bat three times and had three good, solid hits into the outfield. They rotate positions when they're fielding, so Logan played catcher, first, and second base today. Logan loves getting to play catcher because the ump lets him yell, "Play Ball!" for each batter.

      His big plays came today as a second baseman. He made two outs in a row. A grounder came to him. He ran up, scooped it up, and then tagged the base. At the next bat it happened again, except that time he tagged the runner. 

     Unfortunately only Lucas and I from the family saw his game. Joshua had to work, Grammie is out of town, and Grandma didn't come this week. Logan was so excited after he made those plays-he was grinning from ear to ear. After the game, I took the boys to eat lunch at Beto's to celebrate Logan. 

    He has improved so much this season. We are so proud of how hard he works and hustles while he's on the field! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

This Boy!

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     Logan blows my mind. Quite often as a matter of fact.

     My new contacts came in the mail today. While I was putting in a fresh pair, Logan came in and there asked me why they are called contacts. I can't talk and put in my contacts. I just can't. We have a few moments of silence and then he says, "Oh! I know why! They're called contacts because they make contact with your eyes. You know, Mom, they touch your eyes." So I had to ask where he learned what contact means. His response, "Duh, Mom. From watching wrestling-it's a contact sport, and they're touching each other ALL the time!"  

    Then I was cooking dinner, and he wanted to know what we were having. I tell him, and turn around to find him shoveling chips into his mouth. I tell him to put the chips up because I'm cooking. This happens two more times. The fourth time I turn around and see him, I say, "What are you doing? I told you I'm cooking dinner." His response, "I don't think I want to eat that tonight, so I didn't want to lie when I tell you I'm not hungry." He was so sincere I just stood there for a moment, and finally took the chips and put them up. 
     Some days I'm just not sure what I'm going to do with this boy!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day

     My friend, Meg from 3 Birds Photography took these pictures of the boys. You can find her blog here.

Happy Independence Day!!!