Friday, July 16, 2010

A Trip to Grandma & Papaw's!

Last Thursday afternoon, we drove out to Weatherford to spend the night with my in laws. It was sunny all week and of course as soon as we got there it clouded up and started raining not long after. Logan and Justin swam in the pool Grandma and Papaw got them.
Papaw found this up in the attic for Lucas to ride-it was Logan's. Lucas just thought he was so big on his own riding toy like his big brothers.

Papaw got out this water rocket for the boys to play with it.It was really cool. You hook it up to the water hose and put the rocket on the stand. You control the spray with a lever. The boys had so much fun shooting the rocket in the air.

Logan's favorite thing about going to Grandma and Papaw's is every morning they take to them to McDonald's for breakfast and then they get to play.

Next they go to this park in Azle. The boys ride their toys. Papaw even brought Logan's ninja for Luc!

Logan and Grandma playing his fishing game Grandma bought him. Lucas was trying to join in.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Logan's First Trip to Putt Putt!

Last week Joshua was on vacation. Justin stayed with us all week. We tried to do fun little outings everyday. On Monday we went to Putt Putt! That used to be Justin's favorite thing to do and it was Logan's first time! Logan did so well. He never got frustrated! He just tried his best and there were a couple of holes where he got the ball in in two strokes! Here's Justin and Logan on the zebras.

Joshua helping Logan on the first hole!

Lucas slept most of the time, but did wake up for the last couple of holes.

I almost beat Joshua! Poor Justin thought he was winning because he had the largest score. He was a little upset when he realized that Logan beat him.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Independence Day Celebration

Every year, Joshua and I have to decide whose family to spend the 4th with-mine or his. Most of the time it's his, because his parents live in the country and we shoot off our own fireworks and Joshua LOVES fireworks! This year we decided on a compromise, we celebrated with our Sunday School class. We enjoyed it sooo much. It was so nice and relaxing and we didn't have a long drive home late at night. We are so blessed because our Sunday school class is very close and feels like family to us. Most of us have kids that are that very close in age, so our get together are very chaotic and we love it. Brice grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on our new grill. The older kids swam and played in the backyard and the little ones their own playtime in Lucas' corner in the den. We ended the night by popping party poopers as Logan called them. It was a great celebration!

Me and the boys Logan was ready to get back to the poopers!
Joshua in the middle of the poppers!