Monday, September 29, 2014

Wedding Mini Road Trip

     On Friday, we drove to Royse City to see our precious friend, Maggie, get married. It took us about an hour and forty minutes to get there because of traffic. When you have children, if you drive for more than thirty minutes one way, it's definitely a mini road trip. You have to pack entertainment and snacks. Lucas slept the whole way, and Logan talked the whole way. Thankfully we had an uneventful trip both ways. Maggie got married in the most beautiful venue overlooking a pond. She was gorgeous! The boys stayed perfectly still and quiet during the ceremony. At the reception they served Chick-fil-a sandwiches, chips, and fruit. They also had a candy bar with pink and blue candy. And they had monogrammed cookies. The boys were so excited about the food! And she had a photo booth. They loved that too! We were seated with the Hesters at the reception. Rikki got everyone's food while I did potty duty, and Brice watched the kids at the table. I don't think I'll know to do with myself the day that sitting down to eat anywhere or anything is no longer a circus! We had a lot of fun, even the boys were excitedly telling daddy all about when we returned home. It's was a beautiful night with precious friends!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

More Than Just a Good Man

     The IBC Kids Choir sang, "More Than Just a Good Man" in worship this morning. Logan sang in a trio for the first verse. Both boys were super pumped about this song. They sang it at VBS this past summer. Lucas really rocked out to the song! I got scared for a minute that we were going to have a repeat of him jumping off stage, but thankfully that didn't happen!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Our Week in Pictures

Sunday: Before church 

Monday: Yummiest fall snack 

Tuesday: swim lessons 

Wednesday: AWANA 

Thursday: flowers from Lucas

More swim lessons: 

Friday: Logan's peanut butter face

Maggie's Wedding~I had the most handsome dates!

Saturday: Game time with Daddy

Multiplication Arrays:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Logan's Personal Ad

     Logan is doing his first novel study in English. They're reading Sarah, Plain and Tall. Logan's homework was to write a personal ad looking for a friend. Mrs. Gordon made it so easy for us. The sheet sent home had an example and walked us step by step through writing it. Logan had a lot of fun writing it, and writing is one of his very least favorite things. Logan did the optional part and created an ad mini poster that will be hung up in their classroom while they are completing their novel study. Mrs. Gordon said Logan could type rather than handwrite his ad for the optional assignment. He was super excited about typing. Then we found pictures online to print. He cut them out and glued them to his poster. This project was a lot of fun!

Happy Birthday, JJ!!!

Happy 1st Birthday, JJ!!!!

We love you!!! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Boys' Big Night at AWANA

     Both boys had big nights at AWANA tonight. Lucas earned his cubby vest and his honeycomb emblem.

     Logan had five sections signed off. It was his first week with his book, and he only has three sections left to finish his first Discovery! I'm so proud of my boys and how hard they work at hiding God's Word in their hearts! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Yesterday did not go as planned.

Grocery shopping wasn't done.

My car wouldn't start when it was time for me to pick up the boys. 

Because of the car, we didn't make Lucas's five year check up. 

Homework took twice as long. 

But Leah and Jenna came to my rescue and picked the boys up from school for me. 

Lucas's well check was rescheduled. 

Joshua was able to fix my car by replacing the battery. 

And he made it home in time for me to keep the boys' picture appointment. 

Then Joshua went to the grocery store to get enough things so I can wait to shop on Wednesday. 

Sometimes you have to focus on all that is goes right rather than all that goes wrong.