Saturday, December 28, 2013

Party Animals

    Once we went to bed last night, the boys tried to get in bed with us. After Daddy chased them out, they decided to have a party in the den. I woke up at 2:15 for a drink of water and found that they had fallen asleep on the couch while eating fruit snacks and watching Good Luck Charlie on NetFlix.

     Luc told on them before I could question them this morning. Logan was very contrite especially because he knows they are not suppose to be eating anywhere but the kitchen and especially not on our couch! My boys are definitely partners in crime. 

Logan & Lucas' Big News

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Morning

Christmas Traditions

     We did advent again this year. The boys were so excited to see the wreath and devotional book. They were also excited about the activities that go along with the devotional each night.

     The first devotional centered around Gabriel announcing to Mary her pregnancy with God's Son. We thanked God for His plan for Mary and His plan for us. Then Logan and I drew angels for our tree, and the boys colored them. 

     We  also started the elf on the shelf tradition this year. The boys named our elf, Buddy, after Will Ferell's character in Elf. They love watching that movie with their daddy! Buddy showed up in our Christmas tree the first morning. Santa does visit our boys, but we do not really emphasize him. While Buddy was watching their behavior and reporting to Santa, Buddy also gave us the opportunity to discuss actions that are Christ like and those that aren't.

     Last year we started reading a Christmas story a night, but weren't very good about doing every night. We also added a new pieced to our magnetic nativity each night. We read a Christmas story almost every night. Some of the boys' favorites were The Gingerbread Pirates, The Little Drummer Mouse, and The Polar Express. I love Christmas and all the traditions that make this time so special! 

Ring of Honor

      Back in November, I received the very first Ring of Honor award at my school. I am truly humbled to receive this award and to be the very first staff person to receive the award. The award is given to an elementary student, secondary student, and staff member who exemplifies the ideals of an UME Eagle. I work with so many amazing people who deserve this award more than I do. I will say that even before receiving this award that I have never worked at a school where I felt more encouraged and appreciated than where I am at now.

     When I was given the award, nice things were said by staff, our administration, and parents. The words spoken that I will forever remember were the words spoken to me by my sweet Logan. "Mom, I was so proud when Mr. Horton said your name on the announcements! I'm really, really proud of you! I love you so much! I think you're the best mom and teacher!"