Thursday, December 30, 2010


This Christmas Joshua and I decided that Logan was old enough for us to really focus on the expectation of Jesus' birth and begin to understand the importance of it. We've done a magnetic advent "calendar" in the past and read little devotionals we've found for preschoolers about Christmas but this year, we bought through our church an advent book for preschoolers. We read a little devotional, talked about what it meant, prayed together, and then added the piece to our magnetic advent display. God was faithful to answer our prayers for our family to be focused on Jesus this holiday season...I know this to be true because when asked, Logan's favorite things where the advent devotionals and making a birthday cake for Jesus! Our preschool/children's minister, Miss Kimberly, had the preschoolers have a birthday party for Jesus in Sunday school the Sunday before Christmas and then provided the supplies to make a birthday cake for Jesus at home. Here's a picture of the boys with our cake.

Logan's next favorite memory was baking and decorating cookies for Santa with Rachel and Lauren...poor Lukie missed out on the fun, he was taking a nap. The kids helped me cut the dough into shapes and then I frosted the cookies while my mom helped them add the sprinkles.

We had Christmas at Grandma and Papaw's house in Weatherford. Grandma cooked a nice big Christmas lunch for us, and the boys were so excited about their presents.

On Christmas Eve, we had Christmas with Pepaw, Aunt Calli, and Uncle Robert. We had Mexican food and opened gifts. Every was so excited they got to here me read our final advent devotional, The Night Before Christmas, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. ;) Here's a picture of the boys!

Then on Christmas morning, it was just us, the boys, Mom, and Uncle Josh because Pepaw had to work. Christmas day was very relaxing...we had pajama day. I'm very proud to say our boys have been very grateful for their presents this year. Almost after every present, we got hugs and thank yous. Here a picture from Christmas morning.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Pictures 2010

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Prairie Lights

We went to Prairie Lights with Aunt Calli and Uncle Robert. Logan was super excited and Lucas was very overwhelmed as we drove through looking at all the lights. We got out and walked through the Lighted Forest. The boys got to ride the carousel with Aunt Calli.

The boys also had their picture made with Santa. Logan was terrified of him last year and had to be bribed. This year he ran right up and got on Santa's lap. He told Santa "I'm Logan." Then after Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas and Lo told him. Lo asked Santa what he wanted for Christmas. Santa was surprised...he smiled real big and told Logan for the all the boys and girls to be happy. Logan told him I'll be happy because it's Jesus' birthday. Lucas wasn't so sure about Santa...I think he went along with it because Logan was excited about it.

Logan's School Program

On December 9th, Logan's class went to Horizon Bay retirement home to sing Christmas carols. Logan was so nervous and shy, which surprised me after weeks of running around the house singing at the top of his lungs. Logan felt really special because Grammie, Grandma, and Lukie along with myself was there to hear him sing.

Monday, November 22, 2010

ICE A Charlie Brown Christmas

We went to the Gaylord in Grapevine to see ICE A Charlie Brown Christmas! The boys loved it so much. Aunt Calli, Uncle Robert, and Grammie went with us.

Afterward, Aunt Calli and Uncle Robert treated us to lunch at Cozymel's! Logan just loves his Aunt Calli!

Lucas' First Haircut

On Wednesday I took Lucas to Xtremz and Nonnie gave him his very first haircut. He was such a good boy! He sat very still most of the time and did not cry at all. We are so thankful to have Tonja take such good care of all our hair needs!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Halloween has come and gone. I'm ready to be rid of the all the tempting candy! Logan decided that he and Lucas would be pirates for Halloween. We went to Trunk or Treat at our church. The boys had a lot of fun playing with friends, playing games, and getting candy.
ARRRRR matey!
 At the Random Van, Logan had to put on a boa and do a Princess wave for candy.

 Daddy and Lucas eating pizza.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkins, Jack o Lanterns, and Spiritual Lessons

Last weekend, while I was at Ladies' Retreat, Joshua and the boys cleaned out pumpkins and carved jack o lanterns. The boys had so much fun cleaning their pumpkins out. Of course Joshua and Justin cleaned out most of Logan's pumpkin. I was so upset with myself for not getting a picture of Justin's before he took it home to his mom's house. Here's some pictures of Logan's.

A couple of Sundays ago, Miss Mikki had a pumpkin patch during ETC time for the 4 and 5 year olds. They got to decorate a pumpkin and eat cookies. She told them how she was like that pumpkin. She was pretty on the outside. Then she open up the pumpkin and show the kids the pulp and seeds. She told them she was yucky on the inside just like the pumpkin. She also told them how Jesus came into her heart and cleaned up her insides just like we do with pumpkins. They story has really stuck with Logan. He's brought it up several times since then. He told me, "Mommy, Miss Mikki loves just like Jesus does even though I'm yucky on the inside." It brings tears to my eyes to watch the faithfulness of God to answer my prayers to draw Logan to Himself. Earlier today he told a lie and we were talking about how it made him feel and how I felt about the lie. He looked at his jack o lantern on the kitchen table that's now growing fuzzy mold and told me with tears running down his cheeks, "I look like that on the inside but you and Jesus still love me. I'm sorry Mommy. I don't want to be yucky on the inside."

Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Highlights

On Sunday October 2nd, Joshua took Justin and Logan to the WWE Hell in a Cell at the American Airlines Center. The boys had so much fun watching the wrestling matches.
On October 16th, we went to Dino World in Glen Rose for Josiah's 3rd birthday party. We rode the bus their with some friends. You know you're really good friends when you can ride together over an hour in a bus with six children in car seats and laugh and have a good time there and home!
 The boys on the Dino walk. 
Logan digging for fossils. 
On October 17th, Grandma and Papaw took the boys and I to the State Fair. The boys and I had so much fun. I'm really thankful that my in laws took us to the fair. Joshua was worn out the day before from all the walking at Dino World so he wasn't able to come.
The boys with Big Tex. 
The boys with Papaw looking at cars. 
On October 19th, we went to a pumpkin patch in Flower Mound with Aunt Calli and Uncle Robert. The boys had so much fun chasing each other and playing in the bounce houses. Logan talked Uncle Robert, Aunt Calli, and I into taking turns doing a bounce house obstacle course with him. It wore us out!
Here's the boys with the pumpkins they picked out! 
The boys with Tigger. 
On October 21st, we went to the pumpkin patch at The Woods Methodist Church where Logan goes to preschool to get our big pumpkin to carve. Lucas got so mad when he tried to pick up a pumpkin and couldn't because it was too heavy.  
October has been a crazy month, Aunt Calli and Uncle Robert also got married on October 9th. I'll post pictures from the wedding as soon I get them from Calli. The wedding was beautiful and the boys were so well behaved-I was sooo proud of them. They sat quietly on the front row throughout the entire ceremony. Logan and Lucas got to dance with their Aunt Calli at the reception. The following day we went to Speed Zone for their second reception. The boys loved running around and playing games. We saw friends and family we hadn't seen in a long time!

This weekend I went to Ladies' retreat in Glen Rose with my church. Thing have been so hetic I almost decieded to stay home. Luckily my friend Candace was there to kick me in the behind and tell me I needed to be there. I'm so thankful for my friends who are there to support and encourage (give me a kick in the behind) when I need it! I was able to relax and here a fresh word from the Lord. After this weekend, I sense God is moving within my family. I see how it's started with Joshua and is trickling down to the rest of us. I'm excited and nervous to see what He has in store for our family! I know there is no better place to be than where He wants us to be!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Logan's First Day of Preschool

Last Tuesday was Logan's first day of preschool at The Woods Learning Center which is part of the The Woods United Methodist Church in Grand Prairie. Logan has been so excited about starting school. He also very excited because he takes his lunch. We bought him a Toy Story thermos so he could carry warm foods as well. He had mac and cheese the first day. He LOVES school! His teachers say he so sweet, good, and quiet. They had a color system for behavior. Logan does NOT want to change his color. They had Noah's Ark day and Harold and the Purple Crayon day. Here's some pictures from his first day.

I'm trying to be brave!

Logan's so excited!

Logan wanted a picture of his Transformers Bumble Bee backpack!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Joshua turns 30!!!

Today we are celebrating Joshua's 30th birthday! We made our first trip to church as a complete family since Joshua's ankle surgery. We just went to Sunday school because getting ready and getting there wore Joshua out. We had Wendy's for lunch (I was surprised he didn't choose McDonald's-he loves it as much or more than Logan does!). We had some more of the cake his parents brought him on Friday. He got the new season of House on BlueRay and pillows. We've had a lot of good family time this weekend. His parents and Justin came on Friday. My dad visited yesterday and today. We have had a very chill weekend for the most. Crimson Tide football started yesterday. It was nice my dad and I got to watch the opening game of the season against San Jose. We creamed them 48-3. It's not really much for us to brag about and we made a lot of stupid mistakes. They can't make those same mistakes when we play Penn State next weekend or we won't win.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Confessions of a Working Mommy

Well, I finished my first week at work with my new class. Right now, I have 22 little darlings, 8 boys and 14 girls! You know there's a lot of taking going on in my room. I love them all already and think this is going to be a really good year! I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

Back to school is always such a struggle for me because it comes with a wealth of emotions. Guilt for leaving my boys all day to be with other people's children and for loving my job and being excited about teaching. Fear that my boys and students aren't getting the best of me because of my divided heart. Joy at Lo and Luc's response when I come home each evening and when the light in my student's eyes come on when they get it!

This year though I finally have an underlying sense of peace because I know that I'm where God wants me to be doing what He want to do. He has chosen me to be His vessel of love and care to these 22 little darlings for the next 10 months. I also know that He's going to use them to teach me something about Himself and reveal to me something about me that needs to change so that I can be more like Him. The peace has finally come because I've finally surrenedered to His plan which includes me not being a stay at home mommy right now. For the first time in 4 years, I'm truly okay with being a working mommy.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Family

Here's a digital photo book I made to post to my classroom blog to share with my new students and parents so I thought I would post it here as well.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

A Trip to Grandma & Papaw's!

Last Thursday afternoon, we drove out to Weatherford to spend the night with my in laws. It was sunny all week and of course as soon as we got there it clouded up and started raining not long after. Logan and Justin swam in the pool Grandma and Papaw got them.
Papaw found this up in the attic for Lucas to ride-it was Logan's. Lucas just thought he was so big on his own riding toy like his big brothers.

Papaw got out this water rocket for the boys to play with it.It was really cool. You hook it up to the water hose and put the rocket on the stand. You control the spray with a lever. The boys had so much fun shooting the rocket in the air.

Logan's favorite thing about going to Grandma and Papaw's is every morning they take to them to McDonald's for breakfast and then they get to play.

Next they go to this park in Azle. The boys ride their toys. Papaw even brought Logan's ninja for Luc!

Logan and Grandma playing his fishing game Grandma bought him. Lucas was trying to join in.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Logan's First Trip to Putt Putt!

Last week Joshua was on vacation. Justin stayed with us all week. We tried to do fun little outings everyday. On Monday we went to Putt Putt! That used to be Justin's favorite thing to do and it was Logan's first time! Logan did so well. He never got frustrated! He just tried his best and there were a couple of holes where he got the ball in in two strokes! Here's Justin and Logan on the zebras.

Joshua helping Logan on the first hole!

Lucas slept most of the time, but did wake up for the last couple of holes.

I almost beat Joshua! Poor Justin thought he was winning because he had the largest score. He was a little upset when he realized that Logan beat him.