Saturday, January 4, 2014

Date Night

    When I came home from helping host a wedding shower for friends, Joshua surprised me by taking me to dinner and shopping. We ate dinner at Abuelos. They have this green, fruity tasting salsa that I love. Joshua ate the choose your enchiladas, and I ordered the chicken fajita chimichanga. I only ate half my dinner so I could get sopapillas.
    At dinner, I told Joshua, "Joshua, Malachi is not happening. Do you have any other thoughts about boy names?". 
     "My thought is I hope we don't have to pick one." 

     I hope all my boys aren't too disappointed if we have another boy. 

     After dinner, we headed to the mall. I'm still comfortably wearing regular jeans and sweats, but feel like I'll be out of my regular dress slacks soon. I bought a couple of pairs of pants and long sleeve shirts. Then we bought Joshua a new pair of dress shoes for work.

     It was so nice to spend time together especially after all the crazy hours Joshua has been working. Thank you Grandma and Papaw for taking care of the boys, so we could spend time together! 

     Just for fun, here's a flashback to our dating days. This was taken in May 2005 at my student teaching banquet at Dallas Baptist University. 

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