Monday, May 26, 2014

Trip to Grandma & Papaw's

     We surprised Grandma and Papaw by driving out to spend the night with them last night. It rained most of the way there. When we arrived, Papaw was sitting in his new garage. He pulled out the new pellet guns he had bought, and let the boys practice shooting. Logan hit the target several times and Lucas was very close to hitting it a couple of times. I even tried and got close.

     Then the boys jumped on the trampoline in the rain. And we saw the most beautiful double rainbow.

      We all slept until about nine this morning. Which is unusual for everyone, but Joshua. Grandma cooked pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Then the boys went out to play baseball with Justin. Justin hit the balls and the boys ran to collect them. Once they got tired of running across a couple of acres to get them, I drove them around in the golf cart.

     They jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler going.

     They laid in Papaw's hammock. Logan and Justin jumped off the hammock, and poor lil Lucas was flipped right out of it! He just jumped up and took off running after his brothers.

     Papaw taught Logan how to drive the golf cart today, and let him drive it all over their property. He also drove me, Daddy, and Grandma around along with his brothers. Logan was so excited and proud! Lucas was disappointed that he's not big enough yet, but he was excited for his brother.

     Papaw grilled hamburgers for lunch. The boys love Papaw's grilling! Of course, it's not dinner time with boys without some silly antics.

     One of the neighbors invited the boys to go swimming. They had fun splashing and playing with the girls. When we got back to the house, Grandma let the boys eat cookies on the back of the golf cart.

     Our trip ended with me driving home, singing Taylor Swift, and listening to the boys snoring. I was reminded tonight that life is still beautiful even in the midst of grief. You just have to be willing to see the beauty.

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