Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lucas's Preschool Graduation

     This morning, Lucas graduated from TLC. I am so very thankful I was able to have off this morning to go. Joshua was unable to go, but he took Lucas for a special treat tonight to celebrate. They opened the ceremony with prayer. Then they brought the graduates in, and Miss Jackie talked to them about how when they go to a different school next year, they will take Jesus with them. They can talk to Jesus and tell Him exactly how they feel because He already knows, and He wants them to tell Him.

     Then they brought them up on stage. They said the pledge and sang Grand Old Flag. Then they signed the alphabet and several words for each letter. They also signed The Lord's Prayer. They sang and signed Jesus Loves the Little Children. They ended their performance by signing Thank you for coming to our graduation. We love you. I have several videos that I'll share on here over the next couple of days.

     Then they handed out their awards. Lucas's teachers told my mom she would be surprised by Lucas's award. And she definitely was. They gave him the Mr. Easygoing award. They said his feathers never get ruffled. He always goes with flow and does whatever they ask him to.

     Lucas had Miss MaryK and Miss Cheryl as his teachers. They were Logan's teachers as well. We love, love, love them both so much!!! They have been such a blessing to our family.

     Lucas has loved school, and has grown so much this year. We are very, very proud of him!

     Lucas is signing I love you!

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