Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Logan's Spring Concert

     Logan had his spring concert a couple of weeks ago. They played instruments and sang I Like to Move It Move It from Madagascar 2. Then they sang Love is an Open Door from Frozen. They did a great job, and Logan seemed to really enjoy himself during the performance.

     Joshua wasn't able to make it to the concert, so I videoed it while Lucas ran circles around me. It's really hard to hold the phone straight while videoing and trying to quietly tell a four year old to quit running around. In the midst of the first verse of Love is an Open Door, I had accidentally hit stop recording while trying to corral Lucas. So I missed part of the song. Moments like those remind me how blessed I am not to be a single parent. I couldn't imagine trying to tame and teach these boys all on my own. I'm very blessed that Joshua willingly plays a major role in helping me raise the boys, especially the taming part. And I have much respect for those single moms and dads raising kids on their own.

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