Wednesday, May 14, 2014

AWANA Awards

     Tonight was the AWANA Awards at church. The boys were so excited to the receive the awards they had worked hard all year to earn. They were also excited because Joshua was able to come tonight.

     We love Miss Cynthia!!! Here she is getting the awards started.

      They presented the Cubbies with their awards first. Lucas was so proud to get his ribbon for completing his book. I believe they said he memorized 38 Scriptures this year! Lucas also received his final apple patches and attendance awards. We did the extra reviews and activities in the book, so we also received a magnetic picture frame and his picture to hang on the refrigerator. They called the moms up to receive that award with the kids. They sang The Cubby Song. Lucas loves The Cubby Song and sings it all the time.

      The Sparky awards were next. They sang the New Testament Books of the Bible song. Logan received his attendance award and the Sparky award for completing book 3. I believe they said he memorized 40 Scriptures this year, and 117 over the course of 3 years! He's so excited that he gets to go to TNT next year, but he's sad to leave Miss Cindy, Miss Nancy, Miss Donna, and the other Sparks leaders behind. He asked me if I was going to cry because he's growing up and getting bigger. Of course, I was already almost in tears. 

      Here's our friend Rachel getting her award ribbon for completing book 2.

     They did the TNT awards last. Lucas engaged in a little silliness while those awards were going on.

     We are so proud of our boys and how hard they have worked to memorized Scriptures this year! We are so excited to see their joy and excitement for hiding God's Word in their hearts!

     Sweetest moment from tonight: As we are getting in the car to come home, Lucas tells Logan "I'm proud of you Loden (Logan) for getting your award!". Those words almost reduced me to tears.

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