Friday, May 9, 2014

First Rangers Game

     Thursday night was the boys very first Rangers baseball game. Our athletic director, Coach Ignatz was able to get free tickets to the game for the staff. Joshua was not able to go with us, so Calli was going to go, but the traffic was horrendous due to the torrential down pours we had all day and Justice was screaming from being in the car so long, so Calli decided to go see Mom instead. I braved the Rangers game with the boys by myself. We were able to get a decent parking spot, so our walk wasn't too bad. Then we were able to take the escalator up to the upper deck. The boys held hands and listened really well while we were walking. Logan was excited to see several of his teachers and his friends at the game.  Because of the rain, there really weren't a whole lot of people there. In our section, it was mostly us, so we sat where we wanted and visited with our friends. We sat close to the Caldwells and Eddlemons so we spent a lot of time talking to them. We made it about three, maybe four innings before we got snacks. The women's restroom was right when we walked out of our section which was great. And we didn't make our usual million trips to the bathroom. It was a beautiful night for baseball. The sun came out. There was a cool breeze. We really didn't need our jackets until we were leaving. The boys loved when they scored a home run and the fire works went off. We did leave in the middle of the 7th inning because Lucas started asking to go home. They were both tired from being at school, and Logan had school the next day, so I decided to go ahead and take them home. We rode the elevator down, and then the boys did great walking back to the car. When we got home, we got the boys in their pjs. Then I went to change clothes and came back to find Lucas passed out sitting up on the couch. All in all it was a great time!

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