Friday, May 23, 2014

Last Days of School

     Yesterday Lucas and I had our last day of school. Lucas had a splash day and picnic. I was giving finals and unable to go, but Grammie went and enjoyed the fun. Mom took the boys to McDonald's to celebrate Luc's last day. Then I bought them Sonic corn dogs after they picked me up. Lucas cried last night because he already missed his teachers and friends. Lucas had Logan's PreK teachers. They have loved both of our boys. They have loved and prayed for us. We are so blessed to have them be our boys' first teachers. I could not have picked two better ladies.

     Yesterday was bittersweet for me. I was excited for summer, but always hate saying good bye to my students. I sat in my classroom and cried while I ate my lunch. Then I cried again at home. This year has been crazy and difficult for me in my personal life, but thankfully I had amazing classes and parents and coworkers. I finished my end of year checklist today, so I don't have to go back to take care of that next week. 

     Today was Logan's last day. We took pictures with almost all of his teachers. His teachers have been amazing this year. They've taught him content, challenged him, loved him, and graciously worked with us while we tried to figure out his tummy troubles. They were so compassionate to him and I when we lost our baby. They loved us and prayed for us during these difficult times. We are very blessed to have them walk this difficult journey with us. They weren't just praying for us; many of them had their families praying for us too. Logan and I could never repay the kindness and compassion they have shown us this year. 

Ms. Cook~History, Writing, & Science

Coach Ignatz~PE 

Coach Davidson~PE 

Mrs. Standard~Technology 

Mrs. Barget~Math

Mrs. Eddlemon~Reading 

     We celebrated the end of the year at Dairy Queen with smoothies and blizzards and thankful hearts. 

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