Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Break, Day 3

     Day 3 of Spring Break took us to the Fort Worth Children's Museum. The boys love it! We have passes, but have not been in a while. It was so crazy crowded because of Spring Break, so we didn't do any extras this time. The boys love the exhibits, so it wasn't a big deal that we didn't go to the planetarium or to the Indiana Jones exhibit. We are going to go back soon and just do the Indiana Jones exhibit.

     We started out in the Inventors area. The boys love to do these things over and over.

     At the back of the Inventor's area, they have a Wizard of Oz exhibit. The boys loved it! They brushed the lion's mane, crawled through the forest, gave Scarecrow a face, made their voice sound like the munchkins, looked in a fun mirror that made them look munchkin size, and many other cool things. They loved looking at Dorothy's ruby slippers. 

      We went down to the play area next. It's usually so crowded that we skip it, but it was actually one of the less chaotic areas we visited today. They explored in the ambulance, the train car, and built and played with the train tracks.

     Then we went out to the water exploration station. Even Joshua loved that one! The boys were excited because Daddy could pump hard enough and make the water squirt high up into the air!

        We saw the Barnett Shale movie and explored the energy resources area. The boys loved the movie because you wear 3D glasses and the chairs move. They were way more interested in the energy area than I thought they would be. They watched the videos and Lucas wanted us to read everything to him. 

      We visited the Dinosaur exhibit. The boys always love sitting inside the dinosaur footprint! Then we went upstairs and explored the cattle exhibit. The boys love the truck with the cow in the back. They always want to take a picture with it.

     Then Daddy took us to Pappa's Burgers to eat lunch. It was our first time, and we all LOVED it. Logan kept saying he wished we had one closer to us. Joshua who does not like to travel far from home when eating out said he would actually drive to eat there again. Logan ordered onion rings with his burger, and they were amazing. They did have a lot of pepper in the batter, but they were so good he kept eating them and gulping down his root beer. Both boys finished more than half of their burgers. That rarely happens at mealtime no matter if we're out or at home.

     More fun memories were made today. Unfortunately Joshua goes back to work tomorrow, so it'll just be the boys and I for the rest of the break.

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