Monday, March 10, 2014

First Day of Spring Break

     We took advantage of the beautiful weather and took the boys to play Putt-Putt. Logan loves it, and it was Lucas's first time to actually play. Of all three of the boys, Lucas handled it the best the first time. Justin would throw fits and get mad when he couldn't get the ball in the hole. He didn't want his turn to be over. Logan was better, but was frustrated by the end of the game. Lucas was amazing! He never threw a fit or got frustrated. He tried his best. He took help when we tried to show him. When I told him his turn was up, he would pick up the ball, drop it in the hole, and then pick it up and move off the course. No fits. No frustration. Just enjoyment.

     The boys were both so excited to play. We had finished the 8th hole, when we had to take a potty break for Lucas. We went to the restroom, and then back out to the course. Everything went very smoothy. The boys got along really well. They took their turns and never complained.

     Logan made two hole in ones! He was so excited. Lucas was excited for him, and kept telling him, "Good job, Bubba!".

      The boys were soaking up all the daddy time!

     Joshua won, Logan and I tied, and Lucas came in last. Lucas was such a good sport. He even told his Daddy, "Good job!" for winning. That boy amazes me with the way he handles things every day. Most days, it's amazement in a good way.

     We went home for a light snack. Then Joshua loaded up their bikes, and we went to the park. The boys loved riding their bikes in the park parking lot. One time Logan yelled "switch!", and they switched bikes. After riding Logan's bike and realizing it could go a lot faster, Lucas only wanted to ride Logan's bike. Every time Logan got off his bike, Lucas would run, jump on Lo's bike, and take off pedaling as fast as he could. The boys played so well together. They also took a football. Logan and Daddy played catch, while I watched Lucas ride his bike. The boys loved all the playtime they had with Daddy today. I wish Joshua could be home with us everyday, but one of us must work, and I'm just thankful God has provided me with a job where I am home with the boys a lot more. 

     Lucas was so excited to go to the park and ride his bike, he wore his helmet in the car. Of course I took a picture and posted it with the caption Yep! My Daddy's driving! #safetyfirst. I always give Joshua a hard time about his driving. We wore Lucas out today. He fell asleep in Grammie's bed while waiting for me to change clothes when I got home from Bible study.

      We had so much fun together today. I can't wait for the fun we'll have tomorrow too!

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