Monday, March 17, 2014

Build A Bear

     On Saturday while Joshua and I were with the high school boys for Disciple Now, Logan and Lucas went to Lauren's birthday party at Build a Bear. Grammie was suppose to take the boys, but Joshua's car starting having transmission problems the night before, so they went with Lauren to her party instead. The boys had a blast. Rikki said they behaved and were helpful. They each built a bear, and, of course, Lucas had to build one just like his brother's. They choose Camo bears and a sound box that makes their bears roar like lions. The outfit they chose for their bears was a Star Wars tshirt and Star Wars jeans. They also chose shoes with flames. Logan named his bear Anakin, and Lucas named his bear, Yoda. I'm thankful Rikki and Brice were able to take the boys with them, and the boys were able to do something special in the midst of crazy Disciple Now weekend.

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