Sunday, March 16, 2014

He Holds All Things Together

     This weekend we're studying and working through the book of Colossians during our Disciple Now Bible study times. Our speaker, Sam Bierig, has been awesome, and I've gotten so much from his teaching. 

     Friday night, we worked through Colossians 1. We read this verse, "And He [Jesus] is before all things, and in Him all things hold together." Colossians 1:17. Sam talked about how Jesus literally is holding all things together, each one of us, creation, everything. Jesus is holding it all together effortlessly. We exist because He's holding us together. It made me stop and think. A lot. 

     I've said several times since we lost our baby that God was holding me together or I would be a crazy person. As I've been meditating and chewing on this verse I've realized He's holding me together now. He's holding me together even when things are good and I think I've got this. It's still Him holding me together no matter the circumstances in my life. I exist because He's holding me together. 

     I've really struggled with not knowing where my baby's physical body is. Like I don't have a place to visit my baby and talk to my baby. My mother in law is able to go to my sister in law, Hollie's grave, but I don't have that. Some days I really wish I did have that. As I've been meditating on that verse, I realized He is holding my baby together. He knows exactly where my baby's precious little body is, and He's holding it together. I can have peace because He knows. He loves us. He's holding us together. What an awesome and comforting truth! 

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