Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Little Family Time

     Tonight Joshua took the boys and I out to eat. I think I earned it. I cooked three days in a row. That rarely happens because Mom does most of the cooking. He gave the boys a choice between Chapps and Freebirds. The boys chose Freebirds. The boys had burritos, and I had nachos.

     I love this picture of my boys! I think it shows each of their personalities pretty well.

      On the way home, Joshua stopped and put gas in the car for me so I wouldn't have to take care of that on the way to school in the morning. Then we changed clothes and went for a walk through the neighborhood. The good news is I burned off the extra calories from my nachos. I also walked my fastest mile pace tonight.

     I reached my third goal weight today. I haven't seen my current weight in a couple of years, and I'm finally able to look in the mirror and see a difference. This morning, I even wore a skirt and shirt to church that I haven't been able to wear in almost three years.

     Today has been a real struggle for me. I cried through most of the worship songs this morning. I've spent most of today wrestling with and praying about my emotions. Dinner out tonight and the walk did help me feel better. I'm so thankful for my sweet boys who endure my roller coaster emotions because they love me so much.

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