Friday, March 7, 2014

Lunch with Logan

     Joshua was home today, and Logan wanted us both to come eat lunch with him at school. I don't think we've ever been able to do that before. We picked up McDonald's for the boys and Chick-fil-a for us. A couple of Logan's friends joined us. It was so much fun! The students and some parents were still talking about the bubbles Logan made and sold at Market Days. He bought some cool Minecraft magnets, an UME button, and a bracelet his friends had made. He even bought Lucas an UME button since he will be a Prepster next year.

     After lunch, we took Lucas to buy new shoes. That boy loves his Jordans! We took Logan to get new school shoes and new running shoes after school. Joshua bought me new running shoes too. We can't wait to go for our run tomorrow and try them out! 

     We went for a family walk last night. The boys love when Joshua walks with us! 

     We've had a great start to our Spring Break!

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