Saturday, March 22, 2014

First Letter from Uncle Josh!!!

     Today we received our first letter from Uncle Josh since he left for boot camp. He actually called me today, and I didn't answer. I've answered every call I've received from Illinois since he left, and there were all solicitations. Of course the one I don't answer is him. Mom also missed his call. Calli spoke to Josh and then called me. We found out he should be able to call on Saturdays, and Sundays is the day he can write and mail letters. We also are able to send him pictures. He misses us, and he sounds really good and upbeat in his letter. He told the boys that them and Justice are his motivation to keep going when he gets tired or bored. We are all so excited to hear from him. It's been hard knowing we can't just call or text him whenever we want. He wrote us one letter and signed it: Love, Bubba, Uncle Josh, the son you birthed. That made me smile!

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