Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Logan's Market Place Project

     In history, Logan has been learning about economics and more specifically producers and consumers. To make these concepts real to the kids, Ms. Cook assigned a Market Place project. The students had to create or gather things they could sell in a market place during their lunch/technology period.

     Logan choose to make bubbles and bubble wands to sell. He worked on this project for two weeks. He worked for about 20-30 minutes on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays to complete the project. He came up with the idea to make bubbles and wands while we were looking on Pinterest. Seriously, do you know how hard it is come up with boy crafty stuff?! He made his list of materials. Then we purchased a poster board and he sponge painted it blue like sky. On a different day, he cut out bubbles to write the name of his product and decorate his board with.

     He also made a sign with the prices. Their currency was tickets. They were able to earn tickets in class for good behavior and from their sales. One day, he made all the wands out of chenille stems. Finally we made bubbles using dish soap, caro syrup, and water. I had bought a 24 pack of 8oz water bottles. As we drank the water, we saved them. Then I helped Logan poured his bubble solution into the water bottles. I typed up and printed out labels he put on his bubbles.

     The class only meets three days a week, so she divided them into thirds to sell on different days. They each had one day to sell and two days to buy. 

     Today was Logan's day to sell. He was nervous about it this morning. I could tell he felt a little better when we saw Coach Davidson and he told Logan it was cool he made bubbles to sell. And he felt a little better when a boy in his class got excited about the bubbles too! I decided to go back at lunch when he was selling to check on him. He was so excited to see me! He even let me take pictures without complaining and  blew me kisses when I left. He made 18 bottles of bubbles and 24 wands. He sold everything except one wand. He is so proud!

     Today was the first day since before I miscarried that I saw a genuine smile on his face when I picked him up from school. I think this project was a confidence boost for him. I know Lo's smile has been missing at school. A couple of weeks ago, one of the coaches told me he was hoping that once we got this tummy stuff figured out that he would see Logan's smile again. Every single one of Logan's teachers have been so understanding of every thing we've been going through. Each one of them has gone out of their way to show Logan they love him. Even the nurse and ladies at the front desk have been amazing with him. We truly are blessed at UME.

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