Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stars Are Playoff Bound!

     Tonight we went to the Dallas Stars game against the St. Louis Blues with the our church's student ministry. It was Joshua and Lucas's first game to attend. Lucas did as well as I thought he would. Really he did well considering how late we were out, and the fact that he woke up at 6:00am. Mr. Grant who used work the middle school students and children at our church was at the game, and they were so glad to see him.

     We got the boys to wait until the first intermission before we got food. The boys had hot dogs and chips, Joshua had pizza, and I had my very favorite cinnamon pecans. I love those! The food kept the boys busy through the second period and into the second intermission. About 9:30pm, which is an hour after Lucas's bedtime, he started to have a mini meltdown, so I let him play on my phone. I was surprised to look over and see him practicing writing his letters. Every time it got really loud, the boys would put their hands over their ears. Lucas especially didn't like all the noise. Logan and Lucas got to meet their PreK teacher, Mrs. Cheryl's son. He came with our group because our friend Shongi invited him. The boys thought it was so cool that Mrs. Cheryl's son was there. And he was so nice to boys. 

     Joshua and I enjoyed watching the game. It was a great game. There were a couple of fights, and the Stars had several power plays. They shut out the Blues 3 to nothing and claimed a spot in the Stanley Cup play offs. It's been six years since they went to the play offs. We left as soon as the game was over because the boys were so tired. Lucas lasted less than 10 minutes in the car before falling asleep. It was so exciting to be there to see the Stars claim their spot in the play offs!

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