Sunday, April 6, 2014

Choir and AWANA Awards

     Wednesday evening was a night of attendance awards for my boys. Logan and Lucas received awards for perfect choir attendance for February and March from Miss Karice. They have been working hard on their speaking parts and solo for the upcoming Easter program. Miss Cindy, Logan's Sparks leader, gave him one of his church attendance awards for AWANA. The boys love choir and AWANA, and they are so excited to go every week!

     Last week, Logan had earned another jewel for his wings. The rule is you have to be in uniform, wearing your vest, to receive your award. Logan didn't have his vest so when they called his name, he told them he couldn't get his award because he didn't have his vest. Miss Cynthia said because Logan was honest, they would make an exception this time and still give him his award. Our student pastor Matt said Logan was showing integrity. It made this Mommy's heart so proud!

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