Friday, April 18, 2014

Lunch with JJ and Aunt Calli

     This morning Calli texted to see if we wanted to have lunch. So we met at Chili's in Irving because it's about half way between our homes. We were all so excited to see Justice and Aunt Calli! Grammie and Logan got to sit next to JJ. Isn't Justice so precious sitting up at the table?!

     Lucas sat across from Justice and between Aunt Calli and I. He loves his Aunt Calli and was snuggling up to her a lot!

     Justice was so enamored with Logan the entire time. She watched him a lot. Calli told us that baby sister and Justice are already fighting. The other night Justice was laying on Calli's belly and the baby was kicking Justice. Justice got mad and pinched Mommy. I see fun times ahead for Calli!

     Logan had ordered an cinnamon apples and a plain hamburger. They messed it up and brought him a cheeseburger. He picked it up, and said, "Mom, I can't eat this; it has cheese." So I very politely asked our server if they could bring us a plain hamburger because Logan has a milk allergy. I tried to be as nice as possible. The server and manager were so nice. They immediately got Logan a new burger. They offered to bring him a salad or soup while he waited. Logan politely declined. When they brought me my check, they gave me both boys' meals for free and gave us two coupons for free chips and queso and three coupons for free kids' meals to make up for their mistake. They apologized several times, and told us how sorry they were they messed it up especially because of his food allergy. I highly recommend eating the Chili's on Airport Freeway by Irving Mall.

     While we were eating lunch, Logan kept asking Aunt Calli if she wanted to take Lucas home and spend special time with him. I asked him why he was trying to pawn his brother off on Aunt Calli. He said he wasn't he just wanted them to have time together and he wanted to sleep in his bed by himself. Any one who knows Lo knows he doesn't want to sleep in his bed by himself. We can barely get him to sleep in his bed with somebody let alone by himself. He just wanted to the only child at home for a while. I told him not today, but soon Lucas could go stay with Aunt Calli. Lucas was disappointed. He loves staying with Aunt Calli. I'm so glad we were able to spend time Calli, JJ, and baby girl today! I can't believe this sweet girl will have a little sister before she turns a year old.


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