Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snapshots from Our Week


The children's choir sang in the worship service. 

And Lo lost a tooth! Actually two-Dr. Davidson pulled one on Friday.


Lo getting ready for his procedures. 

His procedures did go well. This was in recovery. We're still waiting for results.

Ladies evening Bible study started. 


Lo stayed home from school with fever. He also wrote a letter to the Toothfairy. 


Lucas and I went shopping. He found John Cena Fruitty Pebbles. 

It was crazy hat night at AWANA. Logan had been fever free since 8:00am. 


Lucas took his Duck Dynasty Valentines to school and had his party. 

Logan went back to school, but was sent home at 11:00 with fever. 


I subbed for one of Lo's teachers in the morning and was able to stay for his Valentine Party at lunch. 

I took Logan to the doctor in the afternoon. The only possible reason they could find for fever was his gums are inflamed. It's not a likely cause, but it's not impossible. 

We exchanged Valentine gifts!

Lucas fell asleep like this. 


Grammie took the boys shopping to pick out a new toy for Valentine's Day. Lucas picked an Anakin toy and Logan picked a WWE wrestling ring. 

We had a pretty lazy, relaxing day. Logan's fever is finally gone, and Lucas has been getting lots of mommy snuggles. 

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