Thursday, February 6, 2014

Delighting in Obedience

     Delight and obedience aren't two words I usually think belong together. God is showing me that obedience, even during difficult times leads to joy even when you think joy isn't possible.

      My worth is defined by who I am in Christ. I am the forgiven and accepted child of the King, but I don't always act like it. I have to be obedient and choose to accept and live like the forgiven and accepted child I am. I no longer have to live in condemnation, yet sometimes, I still choose to live under guilt rather than being obedient to the call of freedom on my life. God wants me to make choices that demonstrate I'm His accepted and forgiven child who is no longer under guilt. That takes obedience.

      I have to choose to believe that I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps. 139:14) rather than believing I'm not skinny enough or pretty enough compared to what the scale or culture is telling me. He is the Bread of Life that satisfies my soul (John 6:51) in a way that no food nor any earthly possession or relationship ever could.

     I have to choose to believe that I'm a work in progress and God will complete His work in me (Phil. 1:6). This miscarriage, this dark valley is part of the work He is doing to make me more like Him. On the days I choose to believe that this loss and pain is part of the work He is doing, I can find reasons to hope and be thankful. I even see glimpses of joy. On the days I choose to focus on the pain and loss are the days that are the hardest and most discouraging. I'm overwhelmed in my grief.

     I know grieving is a process, but I still have to be obedient to what He's calling me to do in the midst of the pain. I have to grieve as one who has the hope of eternity because as His child I do have that hope. He will bring something good and beautiful of this pain. It just takes time.

     So I delight in obedience by celebrating the fact that I chose to pull out my Scripture cards rather than eat a cookie or bowl of ice cream that isn't beneficial for me. I celebrate when I focus on the blessings in my life or the good things I know God wants to give me through obedience rather than wallowing in self pity.

     Delighting in obedience is choosing to believe and live out the truth of who I am in Christ and results in living victoriously through Him! 

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  1. You ARE the forgiven and accepted child of the King! Celebrate in it! Thanks for sharing, it was beautifully heartfelt. Stela (OBS Small Group Leader)

  2. Beautiful Kaydi! Thanks for sharing your heart! Love you! Debbie W. (OBS Team Leader/Facebook Group Leader/Blog Hop Team)