Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear Toothfairy

     Sunday afternoon Joshua pulled one of Logan's front teeth. It was so loose and barely hanging on. We knew they would pull it before his procedure on Monday, so Joshua talked Logan into letting him pull it. When he pulled it you could already see a good part of the permanent tooth. His smile is pretty holey these days.

    In our nervousness about Lo's procedures we forgot to put it in the Toothfairy pillow on Sunday. We also forgot Monday because he was feeling so cruddy. On Tuesday, he remembered the tooth and then realized the other one he lost was never put in the pillow either. We couldn't find it and are pretty sure Lucas lost it. Lucas kept picking it up and carrying it around. So Joshua gave Logan the idea to write the Toothfairy a letter. 

     His letter says:

Dear Toothfairy,
     My brother lost my last tooth. Would you please consider rewarding me for my last tooth? 
 P.S. This is my new tooth.

     Daddy helped him write the letter and find a nice way to ask the Toothfairy for money for the lost tooth. Then he put the tooth and letter in his pillow. 

    This morning when he woke up, he found the Toothfairy brought him a $5 bill for each tooth. He was so excited. 

     His other front tooth is really loose. He's wiggling it so it'll come out and he'll get some more money for a toy or video game. 

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