Sunday, February 9, 2014

L-O-V-E You God

     This morning in worship, our children's choir sang L-O-V-E You God. It's such a great reminder about how much God loves us. It's probably one of my very favorite songs the children's choir has ever sang. I tried to video and only got the first verse before my phone ran out of storage space and quit recording. It was truly one of the most precious performances ever.

You give the breath I breathe. You make my heartbeat beat. 
The Great I Am, my best Friend, all I need.
Nothing compares to You. You are the Light and Truth,
the Prince of Peace, King of Kings, all I need.
That's the reason why I sing.

I L-O, L-O-V-E You, 
 L-O, L-O-V-E You,  
L-O, L-O-V-E You God.

I'll clap my hands!
And dance, dance, dance!
I'll praise and worship You forever! 

I L-O, L-O-V-E You
L-O, L-O-V-E You
L-O, L-O-V-E You, God. 

"We love because He [God] first loved us."
I John 4:19 (ESV) 

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