Thursday, February 6, 2014


     God used snow today to give me an important reminder. From my perspective at school, today was a beautiful winter wonderland. But it was also icy and potentially dangerous. I worried about how my mom would get up the hill to pick up Logan when he started running a fever and had to go home early, and I worried how they would safely get down. Then she would have to do it again to pick me up after school. As I watched cars slide in the parking lot, I worried about mom and the boys getting out on the roads to come pick me up. Then I heard Fort Worth ISD closed, and it made me worry me because we live in Arlington. Surely it must be getting bad in Arlington because we're so close to Fort Worth and they closed schools. I was relieved when they decided to dismiss school at 1:00, but still worried about mom and the boys getting out to get me. My mom promised me when she talked to me that the highways were clear between our house and school. She promised her and the boys would be safe. But I couldn't see that. All I could see was a parking lot covered with snow with icy patches and cars sliding. As I carefully made my way across the parking lot in heels to the car, I worried about the drive home.

     Once we made it slowly and carefully down the hill and back on the highway, my perspective began to change. Yes there were a few icy patches on the sides of the bridges. However, most of the roads were clear going home. Although I could see where things will be icy in the morning, things didn't seem so dangerous or scary once I was actually out there. 

     Right now from my perspective, my world is bleak and dark. I see such a tiny glimmer of light in the distance that at times the darkness seems to overwhelm. But I can't see the bigger picture yet. I can't see the joys and victories the Lord has for me. I can't see the good times He's going to bring me. I can't see the person He's shaping me into through this experience. But I can choose to trust in my heart that He has joy and victories and good times ahead for me. Because He does. He has been faithful in the past, and He will continue to be faithful to me today and in the future. I just have to be patient and wait for Him to reveal more and more of His perspective to me.

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