Monday, February 3, 2014

Logan's Pre Op Appointment

     This afternoon Logan and I went to his pre op appointment with Robin at the Gastro specialist office. He is having an EGD next Monday. This will be his fourth one. We are hoping this time to confirm he has reflux issues that are causing his tummy troubles. He (We) are really thankful we are not doing the colon cleanse and colonoscopy like we did the other three times.

     We valet parked and were able to check in at the kiosk with no wait. We went up to the GI clinic and received our pager. Logan sat down and played bowling on their touch screen. We waited less than 10 minutes before they called us back. 

     They checked Logan's weight, height, and blood pressure. Logan's bp was good, and he now weighs 47.3 lbs. They took us to the exam room, and Robin came in almost immediately. We discussed how Logan's tummy troubles were, how the reflux medicine is working, and reviewed what they'll do during the procedures. After they scope Logan, they're going to insert a wire camera that is rubber coated through his nose down his throat and upper GI tract to record what is happening with his reflux. They said this is more accurate than an upper GI. It'll stay in until Tuesday morning. Then Joshua will pull it out and drop it off at the hospital on his way to work. Robin said it shouldn't be too uncomfortable, but we'll see. Logan was so relieved to find out they were not doing blood work this time. He has been dreading it for days. They called us back at 2:15 (our appointment time) and we were checking at 2:31. We are thankful for the quick visit.

     Thank you to all of you who prayed peace for Logan today! We are praying that we finally get the answers we need about Logan's tummy issues.


  1. praying for little Logan, I hate that he is going through all of this at such a young age. Love you all!

  2. That's what Hannah had done when she was 3 months old when we stayed the night at Cook's. pH probe test. Hopefully you will find some answers.