Thursday, August 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Bama vs TAMU

     Last September, Joshua surprised with an early birthday present-tickets to the Crimson Tide versus Aggies game in College Station! We got up early and drove down for the game. We stopped at Sonic and had breakfast on the way.

     We parked in an elderly lady's front yard. She really knew how to the squeeze cars into her yard! 

     It was my first time to go to a college football game and I loved everything about it! Joshua got us amazing seats. We were on the twelveth row and had a good view of all the action. 

    We stood almost the entire time. I yelled and screamed! We really had a lot of fun. 

      It was awkward eating at Wendy's after Bama beat A&M. We had driven about an hour away, but we still got lots of dirty looks because of my Bama shirt. Even from those wearing different college shirts. 

     I'm so glad I was able to see AJ McCarron play in person. That game is one of the best gifts Joshua has given me! 

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