Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cars Birthday Party

     Today was birthday party day. Logan wanted a Star Wars theme. Lucas wanted WWE. I wanted to do hot wheels because we have a ton we could use for decoration. I ended up doing a Cars theme because honestly Target has Cars party ware on clearance. The boys both were really okay with that.

     Some of my food ideas came from Pinterest, and some I came up with on my own. I made the food cards using large index cards, stickers, and markers. 

     I did not do games. I was so tired from finishing up painting and starting school. The kids played in the playroom or jumped on the trampoline outside. They were all more than happy to play together and do their own thing. 

    We sang Happy Birthday and had cake. I bought a Cars cupcake cake from Kroger. I also bought little brownie bites. 

     The boys opened their presents. Then the kids headed back out for more trampoline fun. Everyone left right before the rain hit, except Sunny and the girls stayed to play until the rain blew over.

     This was one of the best birthday parties. We are so thankful for family and friends who love us so much! 

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