Tuesday, August 5, 2014

First Major Summer Project Complete

     We've had multiple big projects going on this summer. The first one was completed today-the backyard. Joshua and our yard guy, George tore down the shed we had in one corner and broke up/hauled off the concrete slab that was in the opposite corner back. It took several times when George came to mow for them to do that. Plus they tore down the back fence. 

     Then we cleaned off the back patio this past weekend. We sold our extra cooler, and gave away the weight bench. And basically just threw a bunch of old really worn and weathered things away. Then we rearranged our patio set up, and put the new cushions on my chairs.

     Today, we had our new back fence installed!!! We've needed to desperately do this for a little over two years. The men were really nice and did an excellent job. They were very good with the boys, and even let the boys help them when it was appropriate.

     Now to finish the other two projects.

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