Sunday, August 3, 2014

Celebrating Logan

     Logan's birthday started with presents.

     The headphones and book were from mommy and daddy. The jet pack hero and bow/arrows were from Lucas. He really loved what Luc picked out for him. You can see how proud Lucas is.

     Joshua and I made birthday cards for Lo this year.

     I made Funfetti cake waffles for breakfast. Logan had his with vanilla coconut milk ice cream. He loved his birthday breakfast! 

     After swim lessons, we headed to McDonald's for lunch. 

     Then Grammie took Logan to Toys R Us and Target trying to find the toy he wanted. Sadly we had to order it online because we couldn't find it in store.

     We also went to Chuck E Cheese to play games. Miss Cindy and Carolyn were both working. Logan was excited to see them. 

     We finished the evening with a giant birthday cupcake and snuggles in bed watching 7th Heaven. It's still so hard for believe we have an eight year old!

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