Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Logan's First Day of Third Grade

     I got up early this morning and made cinnamon rolls for Logan's back to school breakfast. Cinnamon rolls are one of his facorite breakfast foods. Then we got dressed and ready to go. When we pulled on campus, Logan told me I could drop him off in the drive through. As we drove up the hill, I asked several times if he was sure. He said he was because we would go in together tomorrow when I teach. Then we reached the top of the hill and he saw all the people and cars. He quickly changed his mind. I was completely relieved. I'm not ready to just drop him off at the door on the first day yet. 

     Lucas, Grammie, and I went to Toys R Us so Luc could pick out his birthday present from Gram. He chose a wolverine claw and mask. He couldn't wait to "freak" Logan out. Then we headed to McAlister's for lunch. It's become a tradition for us to eat lunch there on the first day of school. 

     At 2:00pm, I pulled onto campus to pick up Logan and Lindsey. At 2:30, they were getting in the car. First day pick up is always a little crazy. Even though it took me thirty minutes, the line steadily moved forward. All things considered I think pick up went pretty smoothly. We celebrated the first day of school with a Sonic slush. Logan liked his teachers, and declared today a good day. He's ready to go to his Tuesday/Thursday classes tomorrow!  

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