Monday, August 4, 2014

Logan's 8 Year Check Up

     Logan saw Dr. Davidson this morning for his 8 year check up. The Cat in the Hat room is his favorite, and that's the room Lisa took him too. Logan weighs 48.1 pounds and is in the 12th percentile. He is 48 inches tall and is in the 14th percentile. He's still small for his age, but Dr. Davidson said he wasn't concerned because Logan is still growing along his growth curve. Logan's pulse was 70, and his blood pressure was 103 over 55. Dr. Davidson did not order blood work for Logan because he's had blood work done a couple of times this year with his colonoscopies and EGDs and each time his blood work came back good. Logan was happy at check out when they handed him a bouncy ball instead of the usual plastic dinosaur. I'm about ready for that bouncy ball to "misappear" as Lucas says.

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