Sunday, July 6, 2014

San Antonio Road Trip

     Even though we only spent one night in San Antonio, we had a lot of fun. When we first arrived, we went straight to Lackland Air Force Base to the visitor center to get our pass to get on base. We made it to the base two hours before we were to be at graduation. I was a little nervous because it had taken Calli and Rob 45 minutes to get their passes earlier in the week, but it only took us about 20 minutes. Then we drove to the Marroit Calli was staying at and hung out with them until graduation. Every time we got directions from the gate to where we needed to go on base, they were wrong. We ended up on the opposite side of the base when we were trying to get to graduation. Thankfully I found an airwoman who offered to let us follow her to the graduation building, and we made it on time.

     After graduation, we went to our hotel to check in. A friend of ours whose son is also in the navy helped us find a good hotel in a safe part of town close to the base to stay at. I'm so so thankful for Kelly's help! We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Seaworld and we had an excellent experience. Everyone was so nice and helpful. We unloaded the car and hung out until we met everybody else next door at Saltgrass. 

     After saying goodbye to everyone after dinner, we went back to hotel. We changed clothes and took the boys swimming in the indoor pool. They had a hot tub I had wanted to sit in because my back was hurting after driving over five hours, but I left my swimsuit at home by accident. Mom got in with the boys for a bit. We let them swim about an hour. It was later and so the pool wasn't crowded at all. Then we went upstairs to clean up and get ready for bed. We had a room with two queen beds with a second room that had another queen bed and TV. After bath time, I put the boys down in the second room and let them watch Disney channel until they fell asleep. I walked into their room and found Lucas wearing his sunglasses while spreading out the extra blanket. Logan ended up in bed with me so Lucas had a whole room and queen bed to himself. Logan slept curled in ball with his his head and knees in my back which did not help my back pain.

     The next morning we woke up, I showered and got everyone ready. Then we ate breakfast in the hotel lobby. They had the coolest pancake maker ever. You pushed a button and it cooked and rolled out two hot pancakes on your plate in less than a minute. The boys were happy to eat pancakes, sausage, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I loved the cinnamon rolls too!

     After breakfast we packed up, checked out, and headed to the base to see Josh one last time before we left. We spent about an hour and a half visiting with him. He bought the boys snacks from the vending machine. Normally I wouldn't let him spend his money on stuff like that for them but since he doesn't get to see them all the time, I let him. 

     It was much harder for all of us to say goodbye to him than I thought it would be. But thankfully there were no tears when we left him. That would have made it harder on Josh. Calli, Rob, and Justice were there too, so we were able to spend a little more time with them as well. We loved seeing Uncle Josh, but we were ready to get home to our daddy.

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