Saturday, July 5, 2014

Celebrating Josh's Graduation

     After Josh's graduation, we met at Saltgrass Steak House next to our hotel for dinner. We had the best server who laughed and joked with us. Truly some of the best service we've had at a restaurant in quite awhile. We enjoyed being together again as family, only my Joshua was missing. He was disappointed that he had to miss Josh's graduation.

     After dinner, we hung out outside the restaurant visiting with Josh. While we were talking outside, a young lady thanked Josh for his service as she was waking by. It brought tears to my eyes. It meant so much to Josh and us as his family. Just one simple expression of gratitude held so much meaning. I always try to thank service men and women when I see them; it was just a little overwhelming in the moment to be on the other side of that with my brother.

     We are all so proud of Josh, and grateful we were able to celebrate his accomplishments with him!

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