Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Trip Home

     We woke up Monday morning, had breakfast, got dressed, and let the boys play for a little longer before we headed home. We were all sad to leave. Heather texted after we left and said Josiah was so sad Logan was leaving. We had a little bit of rain while we were in Arkansas, but once we made it to Texas, it was dry. We stopped in Mount Pleasant to eat lunch. When we exited Joshua said it looked like we had two choices. I told him, you know my preference (not McDonald's). We ate at Applebee's. Lucas had mini cheeseburgers; Logan had cheesy bread pizza without the cheese. Joshua had what he always has-the quesadilla burger, and I had pasta and salad. After lunch, we headed towards home, and only had to stop once for a restroom break.

     I'm always sad to leave our friends, but I always leave encouraged and challenged in my faith just by doing life with them for a couple of days. Our trip was just what I needed. I still miss my baby desperately, but for the first time since our loss, I experienced joy and didn't feel guilty. I am so thankful for the Owen family and their friendship. We are blessed beyond measure to do life with them even from a distance.

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