Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Sun Came Out

     We started Sunday morning in Arkansas with more rain. We got up, ate chocolate chip and cinnamon muffins for breakfast, and headed to church. We attended the first service with Joel and Heather. You can read what I took away from the service in my post Perfect Timing. Then we went with Joel upstairs as he got his youth life groups kicked off. We went with him to his office, and then took a tour to see what their children's ministry does during second service. After church, Joel and Joshua took the boys home to eat lunch. Heather had made poppy seed chicken casserole-another one of our favorites! Heather and I attended Kristen's wedding shower. It was so good to see Kristen, and her mom Jennifer. Jennifer and I had a nice catch up visit. I've included a picture of the one of the table arrangements Heather and I helped put together. The shower was simple and beautiful. Kristen was gorgeous!

     When we left the church, the sun had finally come out. We decided to make a trip to Magic Springs. It's an amusement and water park in one. Heather and I watched the boys play in the kid areas, while Joshua and Joel rode some roller coasters. We let the boys play for a couple of hours before we headed home for dinner.

     Joel grilled hamburger and hot dogs for dinner. Heather made baked beans and macaroni and cheese. My boys were so hungry they each ate a whole, big hamburger. When Lucas was finished eating his, Joel teased him and told him there was chocolate chips in it. Lucas studied his face for a few moments before declaring Joel was tricking him. The eight of us were all crowded around the dinner table. They had to grab a couple of extra chairs, so we could all sit. Josiah remarked that if I had still had my baby we would have nine people. Normally things like that, catch me off guard, and I have a moment. There was no moment this time. Heather told him, the baby would still be in my tummy. Then the conversation changed topics. Joshua heard the conversation as he was walking back into the kitchen. He said he held his breath for a minute, but then breathed a sigh of relief when I was okay. Honestly, it felt good that Josiah remembered my baby. It felt normal to have that conversation. It made me feel better to know that someone outside of my immediately family would think of our sweet baby.

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