Tuesday, June 3, 2014


     Last week, I started the Limitless Life Bible study by Derwin Grey. It's about replacing the negative labels in our life with the labels of truth God gives us when we become His children. Chapter one, From Afraid to Courageous, uses the example of David and Goliath. Grey discusses how our view of the bigness of God is a big factor in being able to replace the afraid label with the courageous label. We were encouraged to share a picture or pictures that represents a big God.

     Logan developed pneumonia while I was in labor with him. He ended up being an emergency C-section. He was purple and not breathing when he born. Logan was in the hospital for ten days after birth. I definitely saw the bigness of God in the way He worked through those circumstances with Logan to grow our faith. God used that time to strengthen our faith in Him and to strengthen our marriage. He used that time to draw us closer to each other, and to prepare us for the rough year ahead.

     Lucas's cord was wrapped around his neck four times, when they went in to take him via C-section. I had felt very strongly all along that I needed to have a c-section. It was a good thing I did because Lucas could've been another emergency c-section if they caught it in time. He was in the NICU for four days. Once again, the bigness and faithfulness of God was seen as He worked in those circumstances. I was so afraid that Lucas would have problems and go to the NICU, which he did. But God showed Himself faithful to us. He actually had the same great nurse, Logan had had. I feel like one of the reasons, we experienced two NICU babies was so we would be able to walk with my sister and brother-in-law through their NICU experience with my niece and be able to share with them the comfort God had given us during those difficult times.

      This sweet baby was an answer to prayer after three years of praying. Even though, I only carried this baby for 14 weeks, God has shown Himself so big as I grieve my loss. So many times, He has used other believers to be the physical manifestation of His comfort and grace with perfectly timed emails, cards, texts, phone calls, etc of encouragement. When I've opened His Word, I've always found exactly what I needed. This baby has shown me that I can walk through the absolute worst thing I thought could happen to me with God's grace. He has carried me through this grief. He has grown my faith and shown me He truly is enough for me.

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