Monday, June 9, 2014


     The last weekend in May, we made a trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas to see our precious friends, the Owen family. Joel had been our student minister. I served in the student ministry with him and became close to him and his wife, Heather. We have boys who are close in age, and love each other. So at least once a year, we drive up for a couple of days to visit.

     On Friday, after Joshua got my car inspected, we drove up. Our plan was to be there by time Josiah got out of school. Because of the inspection, we didn't get on the road until around 10:30am. We did have rain throughout our trip, but thankfully it was never for very long, and the heaviest rains we drove through did not last for very long. On the way up, we stopped in New Boston, Texas at Dairy Queen and ate lunch. It was a nice Diary Queen like the one we have in GP, and the boys had not eaten in our new Dairy Queen, so they were really excited about lunch! And a rarity occurred, Lucas actually let Logan sit in the booth next to me without throwing a fit.

     After lunch, I texted Heather to give her update about where we were, and she texted back that the boys were waiting for us on the driveway. We still had an hour or hour and a half to travel at that point. When we pulled on their street, Siah and Gray were waiting for us at the end of the driveway by the mailbox. Heather said they had come in for a little bit, but had spent most of their time out on the driveway. When the boys got out of the car, they run and hugged each other. Then they took off to play. Even though it had been six months since we had seen them, the boys just picked up where they had left off. They have always been that way. Joel even commented that there's never an awkward stuff that can happen with kids; they pick up when they left off.

     Heather made potato soup for dinner, and we love her potato soup! And she made the most incredible rolls. After dinner, Joel called their frozen yogurt place, Orange Leaf, to see if they had dairy free options because of Logan's milk allergy. We went to Orange Leaf for dessert. My boys were wound up from being excited and being in the car for over five hours; their boys were wound up from being excited. A little trip out of the house was good for everybody. It had rained all week before we arrived, and it was still raining. We couldn't send them outside because it was so wet. I was afraid the boys were going to be running around Orange Leaf, but all four were so good. They sat and ate their yogurt. When they finished, they threw their trash away, and watched TV on the couch until we were ready to go.

     When we got home, the boys put on their pjs and watched Frozen in Joel and Heather's room. The little boys decided to throw pillows at the ceiling and were knocking the popcorn off the ceiling. The daddies had to go in settle them down. After the movie, the boys went to sleep in Grayson's room. They settled down and went to sleep pretty quickly. And for the first time in a long time, I went to bed with a full, happy heart.

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