Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our Week in Pictures

Sunday: The boys were sick, so we stayed home and rested. Sunday evening I finally put out my fall decor. 

Monday: Joshua took me to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my birthday early. 

Tuesday: We celebrated my birthday as a family. Only Lucas went to his swim lesson. Logan told me he didn't want to go, so I checked him, and sure enough, he had fever. 

Wednesday: We lit a candle in memory of Liana for Pregnany and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Lucas and I went to AWANA and then left early for his make up swim lesson. Logan was still sick. 

Thursday: Both boys went to their final swim lesson. Logan still had a slight temperature, but I let him go. 

Friday: I drove down to Glen Rose with my mom, Rebecca, and Rachel for Ladies Retreat with our church. Before we left, Joshua took off part of my front dash, so he could fix my iPhone connection.

 Saturday: My mom dressed up for the photo booth. 

And Alabama had a huge blow out win over A&M (59-0)! Roll Tide!

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