Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lucas's Crazy Hat

     Today is crazy hat day at Lucas's school. He was really excited that we got to create a crazy hat together. And he was even more excited when I brought out the hot glue gun! He did so well with the hot glue and was so careful. He didn't burn himself. Lucas wanted a blue hat, and he wanted cars on his hat. Luckily for me, we have a TON of Hot Wheels, so his wish was easy to fulfill. We bought the blue hat for ninety-nine cents at Party City. He chose five cars, and we just hot glued them on. I was worried that the hot glue was going to melt through the plastic, so once I pressed the car onto the hat, I pressed up with an ice pack from the other side so it helped to cool and harden the glue at the same time. It turned out super awesome (Lucas's words)! He is proudly wearing his crazy hat today and acting too cool!

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