Thursday, August 15, 2013

Logan's First Day of Second Grade!

     Yesterday was Logan's first day of second grade! We laid out his clothes the night before. He went to bed and right to sleep the night before, so he jumped out of bed when Daddy woke him up! I made him his favorite breakfast-cinnamon roll waffles with icing. After breakfast, he got dressed and we took some first day pictures.

     We double checked his backpack and made sure we had his lunch before we headed off. Logan wanted me to walk him in because it was the first day. He was a little nervous because he switched from the late session to the early session. The kids were excited that he had switched, and he was happy. All the nerves were gone. I made it all the way back to the car and onto 408 before I started crying. My baby is in 2nd grade; it's so hard to believe! 

     After we dropped Logan off, we went to see Calli at the hospital. It had been a week since we were able to visit because of my sickness. She looks great. Justice and her continue to behave themselves. After that Mom and I took Lucas to McAllister's lunch. We did that last year too. Lucas loves their macaroni and cheese. After a quick trip to JoAnn's, it was time to pick Lo up. 

     I was number three in the pick up line. Logan came out with a huge smile on his face. His day was awesome. He loved all his classes-he couldn't pick a favorite. He's so excited to have Mrs. Eddlemon for reading again! We stopped by Walmart to pick up a few school supplies we still needed, and then headed home for homework. We didn't have any complaints about homework either. Logan had an awesome first day of second grade!!! 

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