Friday, August 9, 2013

Celebrating Logan's 7th Birthday!

     We had our family birthday celebration for Logan on his actual birthday. He started out with his favorite breakfast of cinnamon roll waffles. Yum! Then we got dressed and headed out to Toys R Us so we could use the gift cards Nanny gave them. They had so much fun picking out their toy and paying for them!

     We tried on all the different masks we could find! It became a mask scavenger hunt. After Toys R Us, I grabbed McDonald's for his birthday lunch. 

     When Daddy came home and Uncle Josh arrived, we went to Chuck E Cheese for Lo's birthday dinner. Our sweet friend, Matthew, had given us a TON of tokens so we only had to buy food. The boys had so much fun and with Daddy, Uncle Josh, and my help they got over 1200 tickets. 

     We headed home for cupcakes and a little more playtime with Uncle Josh. Logan is trying to convince Lucas to choose Chuck E Cheese for his birthday dinner. We'll see what happens.  


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