Thursday, December 31, 2015

Uncle Josh Visits

     My brother called me before Thanksgiving to let me know he had bought a plane ticket home. He wanted to surprise Mom and the rest of the family for Christmas. He was suppose to fly in Saturday the 19th in the morning, but his flight was cancelled. He didn't arrive until noon on the 20th. I told Mom Joshua (who was at work) needed us to pick an employee's family member at the airport. It worked so well. She didn't realize it was my brother walking up until he was almost to the car. I wish I had snapped a pic of her facial expression-it was priceless!

     Everyone was starving so we headed to Beto's so Uncle Josh could get some good tacos.

     They played some basketball in the garage.

     They played games and watched movies.

     Uncle Josh read the Scripture that Buddy brought in the morning.

     We went to the movies and saw Mockingjay Part 2.

     Uncle Josh left the following Sunday, but not before he could have some more good tacos. We ate lunch at a little Mexican restaurant by Calli's. Then we went back to her house to visit with Josh and Grandpa before Calli had to take Josh to the airport.

Saying goodbye is always hard to do.

Funny Things the Boys Said to Uncle Josh:

Logan: "You're full of things we don't need to know!"

Lucas: "You're not that lucky!" in response to Uncle Josh telling him he needed to help Uncle Josh get Taylor Swift to marry him.

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