Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Logan's Heart for the Lord

     Logan's spiritual maturity amazes me sometimes. Yesterday morning he sat next to me on the couch and read his Bible as I worked on my Bible study. When I noticed he was finished I asked what he read. He told me Genesis 4 about Cain and Able. I asked what stood out to him in that story. I was expecting don't kill or hurt your brother. His response, "Cain didn't give God his best and it caused him problems." I asked him if there was an area of his life where he wasn't giving God his best. He got very sheepish, ducked his head, and said yes. I shared that when God reveals those things to me I pray about it and think about what I need to change with God's help so I can do what God wants me to. Logan was very quiet as I was finishing up my Bible study. When I was done, I looked over and he was praying. When he had finished, he told me was going to try to give God the best of all of himself. I just pray that Logan always has a tender heart that listens to the Lord. 

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