Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Buddy is Back!!!!

     Buddy arrived from the North Pole this morning bearing notes from Santa and gifts. Of course he had a Scripture card with him. 

      The boys were so excited to discover Buddy and his goodies this morning! 

     Buddy always brings a special breakfast when he arrives for the first time. This year he brought a mini waffle and hot chocolate bar! 

     After breakfast, we read and discussed the first Scripture Buddy brought with him. We talked about how Jesus has always been. He was already there when God created the world. We also talked about how Jesus is the way God chose to save us from our sin and how Jesus is one of the ways God revealed Himself to us. 

     Then the boys put their notes from Santa and ornaments on the Christmas tree in the den. Tonight we will read The Elf on the Shelf before we do our first advent devotional. 

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